550 Milam St., Beaumont TX 77701
Phone: 409-835-7895
Phone (TDD): 409-832-7656
Fax: 409-832-3609

Beaumont Transit Services

Once you know what bus to meet and where and when to meet it, you’re ready to ride. Wait by the bus stop sign along the route until you see your bus. You can identify your bus by reading the number and name of the bus route on the sign above the driver’s windshield. As you board the bus, drop your exact fare into the fare box, or show the driver your monthly pass. Our bus drivers do not carry change, so please have exact fare when boarding.

If you need a transfer to complete your trip, ask the driver for one. When you are ready to get off the bus, press the touch tape next to the window about one block before your destination. When the bus stops, please exit by the rear door if possible.