The 105 Link: A New Pilot Route

The City of Beaumont, in collaboration with its transit management company Zip, is introducing an innovative new transit service aimed at enhancing connectivity in the area surrounding the 105 Highway and major road intersection. This new service, known as the “105 Link,” will operate as a pilot program over the next four months to gather valuable ridership data for the development of permanent transit services.

The 105 Link is set to fill a crucial gap in the Zip’s coverage area, particularly in a high-density, rapidly growing section of Beaumont. This service is designed to provide residents with access to essential amenities such as grocery stores, job centers, social services, bike trails, city parks, educational institutions, medical facilities, and leisure destinations.

The 105 Link will seamlessly integrate with existing Zip routes like Parkdale and College. By connecting to these routes, which link to the Zip’s downtown transfer station, the 105 Link significantly expands opportunities for riders to access virtually every part of Beaumont.

Your input is crucial to the success of this exciting new initiative.

The Proposed 105 Link Route

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