How to Ride the Bus

Check the Routes & Schedule

Use our handy route maps to determine which bus you need based on where you’re trying to go and locate the stop closest to you. There will be a color-coded timetable by route that has the schedule. You can also use Google Transit online or on your mobile device to determine the best course for your trip, which also includes walking directions and times. You’re ready to ride once you know what bus you need and where and when to meet it.

Head to the Stop 

Wait by the bus stop sign along the route until you see your bus arriving. You’ll want to come a few minutes early to avoid missing it. You can identify your bus by reading the number and name of the bus route on the sign above the driver’s windshield. You can use our new smartphone app to track when the bus will be arriving and how far away it is. Wait for passengers getting off before you board.


Drop your exact fare into the farebox or show the driver your monthly pass as you board the bus. Bus drivers do not carry change, so please have the exact fare when using cash.

Request a Transfer 

If you need to switch to another route to get to your final destination, request a transfer from the driver as you pay your fee. This will keep you from paying for two separate buses. 

Find a Seat or Hold On

If there’s an open seat, take it or hold on to one of the handles. Move to the back if possible to minimize congregating by the driver or exits. Priority seating at the front is reserved for disabled passengers and seniors. 


To disembark, pull the cord above the windows to signal to the driver as you’re approaching your stop about one block before your destination. When the bus stops, leave through the rear door if possible. Wait until the bus is gone to cross the street.