New Bus Features & Advantages

We haven’t just updated the look and feel of our new fleet, but we’ve improved the functionality too! Not only are the buses more energy-efficient and better for the environment, but they provide a better riding experience the second you step onboard.  

New App for Tracking + Route Planning

Quickly and efficiently track the status of busses with our new smartphone app, Transloc (available on iPhone and Android) and map your route. Or, use our completely redone website, which is now available in over 50 languages. 

New Bike Racks

Bring your bike for even more access around town, and go green traveling on two wheels. You can easily load your bicycle on our new front-loading bike racks.  Click here for information and instruction on loading and unloading your bike. 

Ability to Take Credit Card and Smartphone Payments [Coming Soon]

Long gone are the days of digging around for coins or searching for exact change. Credit card and smartphone payments will be accepted on the busses soon. 

Folding Seats Allow More Room for Wheelchairs

No longer are we just meeting the minimum established ADA requirements but we’re making our accessible patrons a priority with a flexible seat design to accommodate a variety of riders with rows that fold up or down as needed.

Upgraded Kneeling Ramp for Wheelchair Accessibility

Newly installed kneeling ramps lower the suspension to decrease the incline angle off the curb, making it easier and quicker than ever to roll on board. 

New Brochure/Literature Racks

Stay up to date with what’s going on in the city and local businesses, or pass the time with new reading materials.

New Safety Barrier for Drivers

A plastic shield now separates passengers and drivers for an added level of social distancing and safety.