Bringing your bike with you puts more destinations within your reach and helps overcome final-destination challenges.

Our bike-on-bus rules are very simple. Bikes go on exterior racks attached to the front of our Beaumont ZIP buses. Each rack can hold up to two bikes with 20″ wheels or electric bikes under 55 pounds. Spaces are on a first-come, first-served basis. When you arrive at your destination, let the operator know you will be removing a bike from the rack.

Safety Tips

Can humans, bikes and buses co-exist peacefully in an urban environment? Yes, if everyone follows these simple safety rules:

  • Approach the bus from the curbside.
  • Don’t wait in the street with your bike.
  • Load and unload your bike directly in front of the bus or from the curb.
  • Make sure to let the operator know you need to unload your bike.
  • Use bike racks at your own risk. We aren’t responsible for personal injury, property damage or loss resulting from the use of our racks.
  • Visit the League of American Bicyclists for smart cycling tips.

The more you know…

  • No gas-powered bikes or mopeds are allowed on bike racks.
  • If you leave your bike on the bus, call¬†409-835-7895.
  • Bikes left on a bus or at our facilities for 10 days are considered abandoned and will be donated to local nonprofits.

**Note: Bus operators can not assist with loading/unloading bikes, but can help with oral instructions, if needed.