Everything to Know About Paratransit Vans 

Did You Know? Beaumont Transit Offers Door-to Door-Transportation for Senior Citizens and the Disabled The new Zip fleet was upgraded with amenities and features like folding chairs to allow more

Everything to Know About Paratransit Vans 2023-01-03T12:05:23-05:00

New Bus Features & Advantages

New Bus Features & Advantages We haven't just updated the look and feel of our new fleet, but we've improved the functionality too! Not only are the buses more energy-efficient

New Bus Features & Advantages2022-06-06T21:35:36-05:00

How to Ride the Bus

How to Ride the Bus Check the Routes & Schedule Use our handy route maps to determine which bus you need based on where you're trying to go and locate the stop

How to Ride the Bus2022-08-23T15:21:50-05:00
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